A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing: Boxing as an Exercise

Exercise is always a good thing to get into. You’re honing your body to get used to exercise and you’re also getting better inside and out. Boxing is a good sport to get into as an exercise. Your body gets a full workout; while you’re punching, you’re conditioning your body to breathe. You’re also improving your muscles with every punch thrown.

The first step into boxing is to get hurt—you’ll get hurt a lot, even while wearing pads. If that doesn’t sound welcoming to you, know that in any sport, you’ll get hurt eventually.

Step 1: Select your gym

Choosing a boxing gym is crucial to your development, whether or not you’re doing it to progress. You can ask around—usually, the athletic associations of your city will have their number. If that’s not possible, you can also search the Web for gyms that offer boxing training. If you’re looking to exercise, you won’t need to get registered as a fighter with the local boxing authority.

Step 2: Make sure it’s within reach

If you’re living within striking distance of your gym, you won’t get tired of going to it. There’s no reason you won’t fail to make it to your scheduled training. As in real estate, the importance of place in boxing is true as well. If you live too far from your gym, there’s already a reason why you won’t reach it. Couple that reason with distance and you’ve got a deadly combination for failure to get into the mood.

Step 3: Train like there’s no tomorrow

You’ll have to get conditioned first. There are a lot of exercises that gyms offer people who want to get into the sport. Each of them follow after the same training that people received when they were starting; even professional athletes started with the same training you receive. You should love and memorize the training you receive if you want to get started with it.

Step 4: Embrace conditioning

Conditioning may look like it’s not worth anything at all, but it actually prepares your body for more strenuous training. You should learn to seriously consider conditioning if you want to improve in boxing. You can also do some home conditioning if you want—on off days, you can do shadow boxing and punching bag exercises even by your lonesome.

Step 5: Have respect for your coach

The most important thing in boxing is the student-coach relationship. Other professional boxers reached the pinnacle of success no doubt because of the training their coach imparted. You should listen to what your coach says—even if you’re only doing it for exercise purposes, your coach knows what’s best for you.

Boxing as a sport challenges you to rise up against all enemies and survive or triumph over their onslaught. Aside from getting fit, it can also teach you valuable skills you can use in your life.