A Beginner’s Guide to Taekwondo: The Positive Benefits of this Martial Art

There are a lot of martial arts that originated from the Asian part of the planet. They certainly do know their thing—from Muay Thai and Karate, we move to Taekwondo. It is an ancient form of martial art that persisted to this day. It has fast strikes done with the use of your feet and legs as opposed to using your fists.

More than a fighting style, Taekwondo instills discipline as well as a respect for those who are your seniors in the sport. But that’s not all you can expect from this sport. Here’s how to get into it, if you’re looking for exercise through martial arts.

1|Start with an Oath

Here we get to the mental side of taekwondo. More than a martial art, taekwondo instills discipline in you. You are given an oath to recite, but basically, you swear to become a better part of society, not engage in any illicit activities, and be ready to serve and save people. It may or may not be in that order.

2| Always show the necessary respect

As it instills discipline, you are also required to respect those who have done the sport far longer than you have. You are required to call everyone with a respectable term. At all times and, more importantly, after sparring or the exercise, you are to treat everyone with respect due them.

3| Perseverance is key

When you take taekwondo, you’ll find yourself thinking of quitting more than often. The training is hard and the exercises can bruise you. However, if you manage to pull through, you’ll find yourself better for it. This is why you should not give up and stack up on perseverance.

4| Learning to defend

One practical reason to learning taekwondo is for self-defense. There are times when you might end up being in danger and taekwondo gives you the tools to fend for yourself. If this is not a reason to take taekwondo training seriously, it will be hard to get into it.

5| Getting your self-esteem up

You can also get a big boost of confidence when you get into martial arts like taekwondo. Find yourself overweight? Losing weight doing taekwondo is a great way of getting confidence back to you. You’ll also have a better time losing weight.

6| Better health for you

Losing weight, relieving stress, boosting confidence—you name it, martial arts like taekwondo gives it. Your over-all health is the winner when you’re doing martial arts like taekwondo. No wonder a lot of professionals are looking at them to ease up what negative things they accumulate from work.

Taekwondo instills discipline and gets you up on your feet. There’s no wonder why so many children—as well as adults—get into this martial art. What are your reasons for getting into taekwondo?