Total Entertainment: Best Wrestling Matches You Need to Watch

Through the years, the World Wrestling Entertainment—known then as World Wrestling Federation but more commonly termed as WWE—has provided us with some thrilling matches. It stands when an organization has lasted as long as it had lasted. There is only so much space to relay all the matches in a single article.

Here are some of the best matches to have happened that you need to watch. This is for entertainment, sure, but it’s also a testament to human prowess and the drive to succeed.

Match: Bret Hart v. Shawn Michaels
Event: Wrestlemania XII – Iron Man match

Hart and Michaels have had a long time to foster a feud that is as old as the WWE itself. However, the defining moment of that feud was when they faced off for an ‘Iron Man’ match. The match was noted for the grit they both showed in that they battled to an hour-long draw. However, Shawn Michaels finally managed to win, fulfilling a ‘childhood’ dream he never knew was possible.

Match: CM Punk v. John Cena
Event: WWE Championship – Money in the Bank ‘11

Perhaps, it’s the rebel streak of Punk that stood high and mighty during this show. However, it was also notable because Cena faced off against CM Punk in his native Chicago. He faced off not only against Punk, but against an entirely hostile crowd. In the end, Cena also managed a little rebel in himself when he bade Mr. McMahon goodbye.

Match: The British Bulldog v. Bret Hart
Event: SummerSlam ’92 – Intercontinental Championship

The PractitioNERD

While it served as the opener to an equally riveting match between The Ultimate Warrior and ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, the Hart v. British Bulldog match featured a family in turmoil. With a family divided, it only served to heighten up the flavor of a match made in front of Davey Boy Smith’s hometown crowd.

Match: The Ultimate Warrior v. Macho Man Randy Savage
Event: Wrestlemania VII – Retirement Match

TJR Wrestling

While this retirement match was everything but great for the one retiring, it was still classic because it was ahead of its time. Randy Savage awesomely pulled off five elbow drops before the Warrior retaliated with shoulder blocks. Never mind everything else—it was still a classic.

These matches only serve to put more emphasis on the ‘entertainment’ factor of wrestling. Still, they stand the test of time as matches that stand to show the determination of everyone involved.