Taekwondo As a Sport, Fun and For Self Defense

Taekwondo is a popular martial art and still increasing in popularity, especially with youthful people. Most Taekwondo institutions publicly acknowledge that Taekwondo was originated from other Korean martial arts. There is, however, arguably a Japanese influence from Karate resulting from the lengthy Japanese occupation of Korea in the last century.

Taekwondo organizations have evolved their ranking systems by which students progress. They also have their gradings; these are events where students of the art may progress up the ranks by demonstrating their ability in sparring, performing patterns and often by demonstrating their ability to use the correct Korean terms. Taekwondo is often translated from the Korean as “foot-fist-art.”

Taekwondo is famously known for its emphasis on fancy high kicking techniques; these distinguish it from other martial arts such as karate and Muay Thai. If high fancy kicks interest you then this is a very good martial art to choose.

The best way to score high points in taekwondo sparring is by kicks to the head zone. Learning Taekwondo kicks requires a great degree of flexibility. So it helps out to be young and preferably female. If you are an older male, you will have to work on your flexibility with stretching exercises. It will take more time, but you will get there in the end.

Taekwondo is included in the Olympic Games. The 1988 games in Seoul was a demonstration event but by the time of the Sydney, Olympics Taekwondo was a full medal event. Olympic Taekwondo sparring is a full-contact event and the ring where competitors fight is ten meters square. Taekwondo matches at the Olympics and elsewhere such as at club or national level are held according to weight categories.

Students usually wear a Taekwondo Uniform or Taekwondo Dobok during classes and are differentiated by their belts, starting at white belt and going up to black belt. Sometimes classes are split into juniors and adults.

Classes usually have very strict discipline. So you should not mind this discipline if you are thinking of taking Taekwondo classes. Otherwise, you may find yourself doing lots of press-ups as punishment for doing something wrong. Some Korean terms are used in classes, but the instructions are usually not in Korean.

Taekwondo is a fun and social activity in which anyone can participate and make good friends in the process. Taekwondo is a modern martial art, well known for its flashy kicking. Taekwondo is an Olympic Sport and a martial art as well. It has sparring, patterns and is a useful way of learning some self-defense. If you are looking to get fit and find the usual repetitive exercises at the gym boring, then you should consider taking up this sport.

Taekwondo for self-defense

Many of the fundamental self-defense methods that are taught in Taekwondo are simple, and it mainly utilizes feet for attacking the other person rather than another organ. If your only intention is to study some of the Taekwondo self-defense techniques, then you could very well make it happen within a short while or few weeks. Here you do not need to experience so many tough exercises and other stuff that is done by those who take up the entire martial arts training.

Everything that you learn through this Taekwondo self-defense training could boost up your confidence in any situation. So do concentrate and learn every kick, every punch and any other thing that is taught during the training. Even a little thing that you have learned during your course can be a turning point when you are in some circumstances. So engage yourself with full concentration while you are undergoing the Taekwondo training

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